On the streets of Istanbul, you can always find something tasty to eat.

Eminonu's Fish Sandwich

Do not forget to eat fish, which has been eaten for a long time, while you are seeing the history of Istanbul come to life.

Mussels with Stuffing on the Shores of Istanbul

During the Ottoman era, this appetizer was sold in Greek taverns. Its taste has stayed the same, and it is now served in the coastal neighborhoods of Istanbul. Do not leave Istanbul without trying stuffed mussels. They are one of the most unique tastes you can find there.

Ortakoy Jacket Potatoes

The triangle of a mosque, a church, and a synagogue gives Ortakoy a lively atmosphere. Eating jacket potatoes is a tradition in this popular part of Istanbul.

Meatball on a Bun

The meatball sandwich doesn't need to be seen. It smells good, so you can tell it is waiting for you on the corner.


During the winter, you can't get by without roasted chestnuts. How could you not want to try it when it smelled so good?


With its strong smell, Kokorec has become a popular street food in Istanbul, but it could run out at any time. Don't wait too long to try this delicious meal.


Simit is a traditional treat that you can find on the streets of Istanbul at any time. If you're taking a ferry, you should give some of your food to the seagulls.

Rice with garbanzo beans

If you find this dish on the streets of Istanbul, all you have to do is order a plate and it will be ready to eat. In fact, you should also get a glass of homemade ayran that is as cold as ice. You won't believe how good it tastes.

Pickle Juice

Even though not many people get to try it, you have to drink the tasty pickle juice that Ottoman cuisine brought to the world.

Halka Dessert

Halka, which means "ring," is a dessert that is very important to street food in Istanbul. You won't forget how good it tastes or how light and crisp it is.

Pogaca Street (Buns)

Pogaca is one of the best things about mornings in Istanbul. It is usually sold on the street. Its pleasant smell can be picked up from several meters away.

Candy floss

When you see cotton candy, it will take you back to your childhood.


In the past, when lovers saw a wafer on the streets of Istanbul, they would not think twice about buying one to share with their partner. Why?

Apple Candy

When your students see a candy apple on the streets of Istanbul, they will be happy and smile. It tastes so good that you'd feel bad if you didn't buy it.

Sweet Corn

It is sold boiled or grilled on street corners when the time is right. Corn is the first street food that you definitely want to try and can't stop eating when you see it on a food stand.

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