A strong Turkey that gives investors peace of mind, is good for steady growth, and has a "Demographic Window of Opportunity." At its heart is Istanbul, the world's biggest city.

Demographic Window of Opportunity talks about a rise in the number of people in society who are between the ages of 15 and 64 and can work.

This window opens when the rate of "dependent population," which includes children under 15 and people over 65, goes down and the number of people in the working age range goes up. This demographic situation is called a "chance" because it offers a great chance for economic growth during this time.

Demographers say that the window of opportunity for Turkey opened at the beginning of the 2000s and will stay open until 2040.

Istanbul's Appeal on the Way to Becoming a Financial and Investment Center of Attraction

– It is one of the 10 cities in the world that get the most tourists. Every year, 4 million people visit.

– It is the third most popular place to visit in Europe.

– It is a global hub where you can fly for 4 hours to reach markets worth 30 trillion dollars and 1.6 billion people.

– It has a brand value of 132 billion dollars, which makes it the most valuable city in Turkey out of 30 major cities.

– It was ranked 21st with a stock exchange trading value of $425 billion in 2018.

– Istanbul is home to 40,000 of the 60,000,000 companies in the world that have international capital.

– With 61 universities, it is the city with the most students in all of Turkey.

– It is home to 75,000 companies that do 206 billion dollars worth of international trade.

– It has 238 hospitals with a total of 36 thousand beds and 604 hotels with a total of 123 thousand beds.

Agency for Investment in Istanbul

IMM set up the Istanbul Investment Agency to introduce the investment and service projects of Istanbul and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) based on the principles of sharing, including everyone, and being open and honest, as well as to help both domestic and foreign investors with introducing and promoting their projects.

At the opening of this important organization, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Ekrem Imamoglu said, "We will strengthen the quality of Istanbul as a world metropolis that is good for investments, businesses, and visits. We will make Istanbul a place where high-value technologies and creative industries are centered. To do this, we will talk to foreign investors in a way that is always open, honest, reliable, and focused on mutual success. We will put most of our money into public transportation, especially subways. The second part of our strategy will be to make investments in urban planning. Because Istanbul is built on a dangerous earthquake fault line, we will make plans and investments that will change the way the city looks. These investments won't hurt Istanbul's nature. Instead, they will help keep it in good shape and make it even better. We will start by building institutions in fields with advanced technology. We will help new software, design, programming, and education companies, as well as companies that work with technology. We will work with creative business owners in the city and around the world. Istanbul will be one of the most invested-in cities when it comes to the environment, clean energy, and recycling urban waste. We will support and promote every technology and company that sees climate change as the biggest threat to the world.

To show more of how Istanbul is made up of many different cultures, colors, and voices, we will give the great people of this city more freedom and creativity. We will all work together to make this city one of the three most visited places in the world by people from other countries.

Because of this, investments in tourism will become one of our main areas of focus.

We will spread the word about the integrated agricultural production going on near our city in terms of the chain from producer to consumer.

We will be willing to work with people from other countries in all of these areas."

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