Sleeping After Hair Transplant

You may rest easy after getting a hair transplant.

An often-asked question by patients post-hair-transplant concerns their ability to get some shut-eye.

Since hair transplants don't cause significant discomfort, recovery time is minimal. This is because there isn't much to heal because they don't require actual surgery. However, you need still take good care of your transplanted hair if you want it to grow back successfully.

The hair follicle is extracted from the donor location during a conventional Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) treatment. Then it drills a bunch of tiny holes all over the scalp where the follicles will go. The donor and recipient holes in the scalp heal and shut in 7-10 days following surgery.

In most cases, recovery time from surgical procedures is only a couple of days. Although it is not strictly necessary from a medical standpoint, some patients take a week off to let their hair grow out.

After getting a hair transplant, where and how to sleep well

Most individuals who have a hair transplant don't ask their doctors if it's okay to sleep on the donor region. Finding a good night's rest following a hair transplant is essential. First and foremost, you should not rest your head on a pillow after a hair transplant. The following is also taking place:

After obtaining a hair transplant, it's important to sleep with your head propped up.

Swelling is a normal and inevitable side effect of any surgery, no matter how minor. Swelling after a hair transplant is common and should not cause alarm. Only a few days long, it may not be long enough for some.

The sooner you can get out in public, the sooner the swelling will subside. The amount of swelling you experience following a hair transplant is directly related to how well you sleep in the first week after the procedure. How you rest after a hair transplant is also crucial. Sleeping in a recliner is highly recommended by professionals. After a hair transplant, this is the most comfortable way to rest your head.

Keeping your head at a modest angle will help reduce swelling in your scalp and forehead. In most cases, swelling will worsen on days 2 and 3, then improve in the following days. The advice of specialists is to utilize a recliner for the first week just to be on the safe side.

Never toss it around or twirl it.

Sleeping in a recliner has additional benefit. As a result, you're less likely to toss and turn or scratch your head. For the first few days after getting new grafts, you should avoid anything that could interfere with their ability to bond with your scalp.

If you can keep it from rolling onto your stomach or side, you should be alright. Even if you don't own a bed and don't have friends or family who can provide one for you, don't worry about it. Also acceptable is your couch. To sleep with your head up, prop a pillow on the arm of the sofa. The cushion will support your head and prevent you from turning over in this position.

Nothing must be placed on your head while you sleep. As a matter of fact, you need to wait at least three days without wearing anything to allow the crusts to harden. You should apply ice to the place where your hair was transplanted even if there is swelling. You don't want anything touching your hair since it will ruin it.

What works for getting some shut-eye after a fut transplant may not work so well for a fue one. There are frequently asked variations on this theme. Simply put, it makes no difference. The key is to shield the donor region while maintaining your standard futon or mattress sleeping position.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be able to go back to my normal sleeping schedule after having a hair transplant?

After 10 days, patients will be able to return to most of their pre-injury routines, including working out, washing their hair, and going to bed. The hairline and the transplanted hair should be fully healed by now.

When will I be able to sleep on my side again after getting a hair transplant?

At this point, six days into recovery, the worst is behind you. The old rule that you had to sleep on your back overnight has been thrown out the window. You can switch to sleeping on your side. Please continue to use disposable pads so that you can avoid touching the pillowcase directly.

Is it okay to lay your head on the place where you have hair shaved?

You can sleep on your back, sides, or stomach after 10 days. However, the transplanted areas shouldn't come into contact with anything for the first 10 days.

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