top places to see when in Turkey

 To help you plan your trip to Turkey, we've compiled a list of some of the best attractions. Ankara, Turkey's genuine capital, and the beautiful coastal resorts of Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, and Marmaris are also must-see destinations. Do yourself a favor and plan a road trip through Turkey if you have the time. On the journey from Istanbul to Kars, you can stop at some of Turkey's best-kept secrets, such as Alaçati, the natural waters of Pamukkale, Nemrut Dagi Mountain in Cappadocia, and the Sumela Monastery in Macka.

Plan your vacation to Turkey from start to finish with information on the best places to visit and help booking flights and lodging.

Marmaris, Turkey, is a crown jewel of the Turkish Riviera. Marmaris, Turkey is a popular vacation destination because it offers visitors a tranquil environment characterized by mountains, pine trees, and clear blue seas perfect for swimming. Fun and relaxation on the beach await you here.

The southwest coast of Turkey, specifically Bodrum, is home to some of the world's best beaches, as well as some of the world's best restaurants, scuba diving, and wine. This beautiful city has been dubbed "Turkey's Saint-Tropez" because of the heavy emphasis on rest and recreation that is prevalent throughout the city.

If you happen to be visiting the Turkish city of Bodrum, you must stop at Bodrum Castle. This magnificent Turkish castle was inspired by one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Are you interested in taking this course of action? Take a boat trip around the Greek island of Kos to learn about the region's rich history. Traveling with little ones? Visit Aqualand, the largest water park in Turkey.

If you're feeling disconnected from nature, horse safaris in Marmaris National Park may be just what the doctor ordered (no previous experience is required). In need of some stress relief? Enjoy a traditional Turkish bath and take the kids to Aquadream, the largest waterpark in Marmaris.

Book your flights, hotels, excursions, and activities in Marmaris for a hassle-free trip to one of the most beautiful places on the Turkish Riviera.

Istanbul's status as one of the world's most visited cities is due not to a fad but to the city's extraordinary richness and splendor. In many ways, Istanbul is a paradox unto itself. Istanbul, situated as it is between two continents, has a distinct Asian and European flavor. It's a city that's constantly fashionable because of its lovely river, which also makes it a city that's always bustling with activity and reeking with blooms.

Your Istanbul experience will be vastly different from that of another traveler, depending on where you stay and what you see. To make the most of a city, don't just stay for one or two nights; give yourself five to seven days and choose hotels in different parts of town. Popular areas of Istanbul include Eminönü and Sultanahmet. Though we like our trips to the Grand Bazaar, we wouldn't suggest making it your permanent residence due to the excessive numbers of tourists. Cihangir is the place to stay if you want to be in a hippie-friendly area. If you want to be in the heart of Istanbul, a hotel room in Taksim is where you should stay. If you're looking for a spot to get away from it all, Uskudar is where you should be staying (we recommend the "Sumahan on the Water" hotel).

This is a truly remarkable place in Turkey. The people of Lycia in the fourth century B.C. commonly held the notion that their deceased loved ones were taken to paradise by angels. For the purpose of attracting the attention of the angels and getting them to help the recently deceased, the Lycians built enormous tombs atop hills. Angels gave precedence to individuals who had been buried in easily accessible areas, and thus made the tomb apparent from a distance. You can reach there quickly by taking a guided tour, hiking for one or two days, or taking a cheap cab.

Thanks to Atatürk, Turkey's founding father, the country's city, Istanbul, is a stunning destination. If you're interested in history, you shouldn't miss Aniktabir, a tomb dedicated to Atatürk, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, or the Roman baths. Whether you're here with kids or just want to have some fun, Gençlik Parki is the place to go. Why the people are so patriotic about their flag is easy to understand. On May 19 and October 29, Turkey and the world celebrate Ataturk's and Turkey's national days, respectively, and do so with special reverence.

Kas is a beautiful part of Antalya that many visitors like visiting. The picturesque scenery, winding alleys, whitewashed cottages, and blooming bougainvillea here are sure to inspire awe and a flood of Instagram likes.

If you're having trouble deciding between a beach vacation and a city holiday in Turkey, you won't find a better destination. Antalya is a city that has become famous all over the world because to its beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and white sand.

Do you and your significant other share a passion for the past? The Turkish city of Antalya is littered with relics from ancient Greece and Rome. You will be captivated by the city's historic core, its array of restaurants, and its array of cutting-edge cultural centers. To be honest, I find great beauty in the outdoors. Do something nice for yourself by taking a boat ride to the Duden waterfalls or seeing "Pamukkale," the cotton castle in Antalya. Take a ride on a cable car around Antalya if you enjoy heights and want to get a different view of the city. Do you plan to bring the kids along? You may enjoy a Viking boat tour through the beautiful bays of Kemer.

As you wander Kas, you might start to wonder if you're in Turkey or Greece. This charming medieval Greek town may remind you of the winding lanes of Kastellorizo, a Greek island about 5 kilometers from Kas. The Turkish term "Kas" literally translates to "Eyebrow." Whence comes this calamity?

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