How to see Turkey on a budget

 On vacation in Turkey, you may do more than lie in the sun. It is a historical and cultural hub between Europe and Asia, and it also has some beautiful beaches. This vibrant city has something for everyone, from historic sites to contemporary art galleries. You should include these things in your list of objectives.

Turkey is a year-round tourist hotspot due to its Mediterranean beaches and its proximity to the Middle East, both of which are steeped in mystery and intrigue. The current currency rate between the British pound and the Turkish lira also helps to make this a very economical vacation choice. Traveling to Turkey on a budget can mean anything from a quick weekend getaway to a relaxing month-long beach getaway.

The optimum time to visit Turkey is not a universal rule, but rather depends on the individual traveler and their desired itinerary. Popular tourist spots along the Turkish Riviera are at their best in the summer. Dalaman and Antalya, two popular Turkish vacation cities, maintain pleasantly moderate temperatures well into late October. To avoid the crowds and enjoy the milder temperatures, a trip to Turkey in the spring or early fall may be ideal.

We've picked the top things to do in three of the most beautiful and inexpensive travel destinations in the United States. The only thing you have to do is look for tickets and lodgings that are the most affordable. Don't leave home without your sunscreen!

Dalaman is one of the top inexpensive vacation places in Turkey, and there are direct flights to the city from 13 airports in the United Kingdom. Scenery is spectacular, there are historic buildings steeped in mystery, and the nightlife is alive and well. If you want to save money on airfare and hotel rooms, yet still visit Turkey's Dalaman region in the height of summer, consider going in the middle of fall. At last, the area's gorgeous beaches will be yours to explore at your leisure.

Lüdeniz's Blue Lagoon is a fantastic place to relax in a hot tub.

Dalaman's most visited site, the Blue Lagoon in lüdeniz, is framed by verdant mountains and azure seas. In the chillier month of October, you can go swimming with sea turtles that are tentatively poking their heads above water. After all, we are in a protected natural area.

Look out over the horizon from the peak.

When looking for a location to lay your beach towel in lüdeniz this August, tandem paragliding flights from the towering Babada mountain are an even better alternative. While paragliding itself isn't cheap, tandem flights in this region are among the cheapest available. It comes as no surprise that lüdeniz is a favorite spot for paragliders. A bird's-eye view of the Blue Lagoon is unparalleled.

Those interested can discover the unspoiled beauty of the Hidden City.

During the month of July, you can rent a car in Dalaman for as little as £27 per day and drive around the region's stunning countryside at your leisure. Saklikent Gorge, better known as the "Hidden City," can be found 45 kilometers from Fethiye. From the boardwalk, you can take in spectacular views of the canyon. But nothing beats dipping your toes in the icy water and striking out on an untrodden route, far from the madding crowd. The sheer height of the limestone cliffs is quite breathtaking.

Istanbul Sights

Within a few hours' time, you may go from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet alleys full of old-world beauty. These are the three best things to do in Istanbul on a budget, if you're visiting Turkey.

1 Let the historic beauty of Sultanahmet Square enchant you.

On what was formerly the Hippodrome of Constantinople (the Byzantine Empire's capital), modern-day Istanbul now boasts its most vibrant and picturesque square. The Blue Mosque, with its incredible six minarets, and the massive, ex-Byzantine cathedral of Hagia Sofia (now a museum) are only two of the popular historical attractions in the vicinity of Sultanahmet Meydan in Istanbul. The latter is open for visits, however you should avoid going at prayer times.

Don't be shy about haggling with vendors in the Grand Bazaar.

The Grand Bazaar (Kapalçarş) in Istanbul has been a popular shopping and tourism destination for over 500 years. There are over 4400 shops selling everything from handmade shawls to pottery to lamps under the high ceilings. They are not always authentic or cheap, but getting a good deal is half the fun. For nothing else, it's a great opportunity to network with the neighborhood's merchants. The most savvy shoppers will be able to fill a bag with bright, cheap trinkets.

You should snap a photo of the Bosphorus Bridge from its highest point.

The Bosphorus Bridge connects the European and Asian halves of Istanbul, and is a must-see for any visitor. Enjoy the stunning landscape without spending a fortune on a dinner cruise or at one of the many seafood restaurants in the area. Stop by the vendors in Ortaköy for some delicious Turkish kumpir (baked potato) before walking across Istanbul's 1,560-meter suspension bridge, which is illuminated by evocative LED lights at night.

To what extent do you long for a turquoise pool after a day of hiking through the woods? The city of Antalya, at the beginning of the Turkish Riviera, is home to numerous of these attractions, as well as a lively downtown with a picturesque old town and delicious culinary choices. A flight from the UK to one of Turkey's most visited cities takes little over four hours.

One of the best places to experience the culture and landscape of the Turquoise Coast is on Konyaalti Beach.

Just a short trip out from Istanbul will take you to the turquoise waters of the Turkish Riviera. Konyaalti, in Kaleiçi (Old Town), is the most visited beach in Antalya due to its convenient location, availability of showers and sunbeds, and proximity to numerous eateries and watering holes. Fun things to do at the beach include jet skiing and taking a stroll along the palm-lined shore of Konyaalti, with the majestic Mount Olympus in the background.

Explore the ruins of Aspendos and Perge.

About 50 kilometers east of Antalya is the Greco-Roman city of Aspendos, most famous for its superbly preserved Roman amphitheater. A number of opera and ballet performances are held here throughout the busy season, despite the venue's antiquity (it dates back to the second century AD). We advise renting a car so that you may explore all of Antalya's wonderful landmarks and tourist attractions at your own pace and save yourself the £50-60 per day that guided day trips from Antalya would cost you.

Other sights that you really must see include the Duden Waterfalls, the historic city of Perge, and the peaceful seaside resort of Side.

Despite the number of low-cost alternatives in the Antalya area, make your first Turkish bath an experience you'll never forget. The Sefa Hamam is a 600-year-old public bathhouse in Istanbul that is popular with both visitors and residents. The average cost of a traditional hammam in this region is around £8. (40 Turkish liras). Considering the low cost, why not indulge in some more self-care? You may have a complete hammam treatment (peeling, hot soap massage, and oil massage) for just £24 (180 lira).

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